Why ErgoForm


Ergoform works aggressively to provide the best value for your office products investment. We have a depth of experience not found in smaller firms, agility and efficiency large companies can't match and objectivity which separates us from product vendors.

We begin with you. We start by understanding your needs and that of your employees. Only then do we recommend the solution that is the right fit for your situation.

We are experts. Our company specializes in "applied ergonomics". That is we combine our knowledge and expertise of people at work with extensive knowledge of product choices and performance to create the right fit for your employees.

We are independent. We test then select the products we like best from a range of leading manufacturers. We are constantly looking for and adding new product solutions. We also work with manufacturers on your behalf to customize a product to fit your specifications.

We give you choices. We offer you the option of having Ergoform assemble, install and adjust the products you've ordered or doing it yourself.

We keep it personal. You have a single point of contact throughout the process that is accountable for your complete satisfaction. We pride ourselves on our professionalism, knowledge and satisfied customers.

We go the extra mile. We will help you to maximize the 'life time value' of a product so that you will not need to replace it prematurely. We train your employees on proper use and adjustment of products and check in to make sure they are using it properly.

We are competitively priced. We carefully manage our overhead and pass our savings along to you.


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Springfield, VA 22150 | 703.738.5678